About RyecA …

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Once in a life time,without many effort (as my MOM said, the process to ‘pull out’ me is very..very easy), the baby was born (finally, I can take a deep breath..and so..on). Tuesday night (for about 19.00 Waktu Indonesia Bagian Kamal), June 7, 1983, Selasa Wage,I can see, how does my mom and my father face….(Then I realize…they Not bad, thanks god, so i can adopt the nice characteristic ).

Time after time, I grew old with many condition that build me as ’strong woman’ (sometimes life is f**k, but we can’t hide from it…it’s our responsibility to make up and get up…so we can know THE LIFE MEANING). For sure, don’t ever give up of something happen, bad time, good time, ‘coz miracle happen everyday (U know what…I believe it !)


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